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Product Info

Here you can find product information and tips.

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Decoupage Paper Sizes
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Modeling Material Tips 
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Furniture Salve Scents
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Clear Stamps "How To" Guide
How to Apply Wise Owl Wax
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Wise Owl Glazes
Paint Can and Brush
Speed Up Your Drying Time
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Degreaser & Stripper Info
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Mineral Paint vs. Milk Paint
Cling On Brushes
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Decor Wax "How To" Guide
Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Art
How to Use and Store Products
To Sand or Not to Sand
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Transfer "How To"Guide
Wise Owl Varnish
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Chalk Paste "How To" Guide
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Transfer Do's and Dont's
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Wise Owl Heavy Metals
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Stencil "How To" Guide
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Saltwash "How to" Guide
When Mixing Saltwash...
Decor Moulds "How To" Guide
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Wise Owl Furniture Salve
Chalk Paint vs. Latex Paint
Chalk Paint "How to" Guide
What is Saltwash?
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Wise Owl One Hour Enamel
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1 Hour Ceramic Wall Paint
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Varnish vs. Clear OHE
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