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Chalk Paint vs. Latex Paint



Minerals and pore space in paint permit adherence to most surfaces without priming.

Requires sanding and priming for proper adhesion in most cases.

Distresses with ease. May be wet distressed or distressed with implements. Strengthens as it cures.

Will gum up when distressing. Activate glues present in latex paint; results in chunky or stretchy removal.

Chalk style is self leveling. Brushstrokes will diminish or disappear while drying. Any remaining is easily sanded away with 275+ grit paper.

Generally produces many brushstrokes compared to chalk style paint. Can not be sanded away without impacting finish.

Excellent coverage due to mineral capacity, viscosity, and pore space of chalk style paint.

Requires more paint per square foot because of how latex paint pigments work without a high mineral/clay formula.

Paint composition withstands hotter and colder temperatures once painted as pore space permits expansion and contraction without weakening.

Paint strength extremely temperature dependent. Exposure to heat can make finish rubbery, stretchy, or even flake off entirely.

No crystalline silicates within the paint, meaning you can distress and sand without fear of dust and crystalline silicate particles damaging lungs.

Usually contains crystalline silicates. These silicates are abrasive to the lungs in the same way as asbestos, requiring special safety equipment.

Needs to be sealed for lasting durability. Wise Owl’s Matte or Satin Varnish are industrial-strength topcoats for high traffic or outdoor pieces

Require water based topcoat to achieve the tenacity and strength to protect the Latex paint finish.

Produces Desirable matte finish. Can be changed by selecting Satin Varnish as topcoat to add sheen if desired.

Comes in matte-semigloss, but the shinier the finish, the weaker the bond with the surface.

Presence of clay in Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint lends itself beautifully to blending techniques and layering.

Blending with Latex paint is not a viable option. Does not incorporate well and results in more severe, blotchy finish.





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