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Chalk Paste "How To" Guide


Chalk Paste by Re-Design with Prima brings you a new way to DIY,, decorate and accent your living space. A truly matte finish paste, it can be used through stencils, 3D stencils or silkscreen stencils to create a raised and detailed matte finish. The possibilities are endless when used alone as an accenting medium on furniture and other surfaces. Chalk Paste is great on walls, furniture, decor pieces and more.

Add Accents or completely transform your projects with Chalk Paste. Use with a brush, palette knife or your fingers for ultimate creative control.


  1. Use with 3D stencils for a beautiful raised effect, simply secure the stencil and apply with a silicone brush.

  2. Once applied, reveal the raised design by peeling the stencil off carefully. 

  3. Try it with screen-print stencils or on its own to add accenting details to your furniture and projects

Step 1.png
Step 3.png
Step 2.png
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