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Stencil "How To" Guide

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3D Stencil Instructions:

  1. Prepare surface by ensuring it is clean and dry for at least 24 hours.

  2. Place stencil in desired area. Adhere with masking tape. Remove air pockets.

  3. Working from top to bottom, roll paint over the surface of the stencil with a paint roller. Allow paint to dry before repositioning stencil to avoid smears. Note: due to paint variations please refer to paint instructions for drying time.(For those who want texture, smear the 3D stencil paste over the stencil with a spatula and wait to dry before painting.)

  4. Reposition the stencil by lining the stencil up with the finished design area for seamless results. Repeat steps 2-4 until design is complete. 

  5. Clean the stencil using warm water and soap.

Stick & Style Stencil Roll Instructions:

  1. Clean the surface you will be stenciling thoroughly, making sure it is free of any debris. Roll out the desired length of the Stick & Style stencil Roll and carefully adhere it onto the surface.

  2. Use a Spread-Pal or palette knife to apply your desired medium, making sure you spread it evenly.

  3. Once done, carefully peel away stencil, revealing a crisp design. Stencil may be reused if cleaned properly several times. Used areas can be cut apart from roll.

  4. Clean the stencil using warm water and soap.

Paver Stencil with Cement Instructions:

  1. Choose the stencil of your choice and have your concrete mould and cement mix ready.

  2. Place the stencil on the center bottom of the concrete mould. Make sure to lubricate the mould and stencil, so it is easier to take out once dried.

  3. Pour the cement mix into the mould and smooth out to have an even surface.

  4. Once dried, flip over the mould and remove the mould and stencil from the tile.

  5. Clean the stencil using warm water and soap.

Paver Stencil with Paint Instructions:

  1. Clean the tile thoroughly with a degreaser or prewash your fabric.

  2. Sand the tile (100-120 grit) and wipe clean with a wet rag.

  3. Stir the primer thoroughly (never shake). Apply the first coat of primer and let dry for 24 hours. If a second coat is needed, you can apply the second coat 1 hour after applying the first coat of primer. Note: the primer must always sit for 24 hours before applying paint.

  4. Place the stencil in the center of the tile and secure with masking tap. Then paint over the stencil starting with the outside edges and paint in a circular, clockwise motion moving toward the center.

  5. Carefully remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry per paint manufacturers recommendations.

  6. Repeat steps for all tiles.

  7. Clean the stencil using warm water and soap.

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