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Decor Wax
"How To" Guide


Rejuvenate your DIY and decor projects and add a touch of brilliance with our decor waxes. These brilliant waxes provide a fundamentally simple way to go from dull to brilliant.  In a variety of colors and sheens, these waxes are not only easy to apply but blend effortlessly into most surfaces. Explore all of the possibilities you can achieve with our decor waxes.

Add accents or completely transform your projects with decor wax. Use it with a stippling brush or wax brush for larger coverage.


  1. Use the stencils to create lush metallic patterns on a variety of surfaces

  2. Use your fingers to apply subtle accents and highlight details on your furniture.

  3. Apply decor wax on to castings to reveal more details and highlight accents.

Step 1.png
Step 2.png
step 3.png
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