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Clear Stamps "How To" Guide


Create a variety of layered patterns and designs using our layered, floral stamps! Create shadows, highlights, layered designs and more. Our clearly aligned decor stamps are perfect for adorning all of your home decor and design projects!

The stamps are FDA and food safe. Dishwasher, microwave oven, and other high-heat applications may damage stamp integrity. Wash gently with soap and water before using with food.

Our new stamps feature customized, printed designs on the clear acrylic stamp itself. The very first of its kind, this fabulous feature allows you to clearly align your stamp for perfect placement, while also preventing over-stamping and misalignments. Seeing the pattern clearly, without inking the stamp first, is especially helpful when creating repeat patterns. Create unique and versatile stamped designs on a variety of surfaces, while stamping your projects perfectly each time!


  1. Discover how easy it is to remove our high-quality, acrylic stamps from the backer sheet! No more struggling, simply peel and use!

  2. Position the stamp on your surface of choice, such as walls, furniture, metal , glass, fabric, or any decor area that you wish to enhance with beautiful stamped designs.

  3. Add ink or paint of choice to the stamp. Use a stamp block or holder or your hand, and stamp the design firmly onto the desired surface, revealing a crisp impression. Make sure to not overload the stamp with ink or paint, and try not to wiggle, or squish the stamp for best results.

stamp step 1.png
stamp step 2.png
stamp step 3.png
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