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Speed up your drying time

Weather conditions, such as too hot, too cold, humid or rainy can make it seem like you are waiting for days to be able to progress to your next Saltwash step. In more wet conditions, it is helpful to apply your Saltwash layer onto your surface thinner, but plan on going back over that layer with a second coat of Saltwash. 


Although one thin coat of Saltwash will help your project dry more quickly, it may leave you wanting  more in the way of the layered and textured look, so this second coat of your Saltwash mixture will fix that!

The size of your project can also play a factor in your drying time. Larger items will of course take longer, so it is best to work in sections . Saltwash a 2ft x2ft section, and continue on in these size areas between your Saltwash globbing step and your smoothing step.  You will find you will have a more even Saltwashed layer throughout and won’t get caught off guard with an over dried section.

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