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Cure Time

Ability to Sand

Water Ring Resistance

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Clear OHE

Pints and Quarts

Quarts and Gallons

Matte and Satin

Approximately 30 days

Easier to sand

Matte, Satin, and Semi Gloss

90% cured in 4 hours and fully cured in 14 days

More difficult to sand due to fast cure time

Good resistance once fully cured

Crystal clear with no yellowing


Better and faster resistance

Should not yellow but a slight color change can be noticed when applying over a bright white

longer open time, suited to outdoor use with 3 coats, industrial strength, supreme abrasion resistance, and very low VOC's

Has some self-leveling capabilities

Fast cure time, suited for outdoor use, superior water ring resistance, industrial strength, supreme abrasion resistance and very low VOC's

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