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How to Use and Store Products

  • Weather can affect the way products behave and dry times, especially temperatures and humidity!

  • It is recommended that paint and products be used and stored in temperatures above 55 degrees F.

  • Before using any liquids, be sure to stir very well, scraping the bottom of the can and incorporating all parts of the product together. Stir this way every time before use, even between coats.

  • Never dip your brush into the can! Once you have thoroughly stirred your product, pour a small amount into a disposable cup or paper plate and dip your brush into that. Dipping your brush directly in the can introduce bacteria, dust, and debris into the product and is not recommended.

  • When using your Cling On! Brush in combination with the Chalk Synthesis Paint line, it is recommended that your brush bristles be slightly damp while painting. Many professionals even spritz water on the piece of furniture as they are painting to avoid their brush dragging! Dragging is what causes more noticeable brush strokes and should be avoided.

  •  Round and Oval Cling On! Brushes have a string wrapped around the base of the ferrule. Do not remove this string; they help to keep the bristles shape.

  •  Cling On! Brushes can be stored suspended in water, but this is not a must. If you are suspending your brush, be sure to not allow the bristles to rest on the bottom to maintain bristle shape and to keep the water level below the stainless-steel ferrule to avoid rusting.

  • It is recommended to wipe the lip of the can after you pour off paint. Immediately replace the lid, assuring to get it sealed completely to keep air out.

  • To assure the highest quality products, our paint cans are delivered with clips in place; this keeps the lids on to avoid air and spills during transit. These are easily removed with needle nose pliers or a flat head screwdriver.

  • And finally, our best recommendation is to HAVE FUN and don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, it’s just paint!

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